Tests: race between consumer pause and trace start/stop
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2017-11-12  Philippe Proulxlttng-enable-event(1): filtering: specify that `$ctx...
2017-08-01  Philippe Proulxlttng-enable-channel(1): reword --blocking-timeout...
2017-07-31  Philippe Proulxlttng-enable-channel(1): move --output description...
2017-07-31  Philippe Proulxlttng-enable-channel(1): document --monitor-timer
2017-07-28  Philippe Proulxlttng-enable-channel(1): reword and fix style of -...
2017-07-28  Philippe ProulxFix: doc/man: use a single XSL file and match local...
2017-06-12  Mathieu DesnoyersIntroduce "--blocking-timeout" channel parameter
2017-06-01  Michael JeansonCleanup: add silent rules support for docs
2017-05-22  Mathieu Desnoyersrelay: use urcu_ref_get_unless_zero
2017-05-08  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc: how to trace consumerd with valgrind
2017-05-05  Philippe Proulxlttng-enable-event(1): document globbing patterns in...
2017-05-05  Philippe Proulxdoc: lttng-destroy(1): document --no-wait option
2017-05-05  Philippe Proulxdoc: lttng-stop(1): replace tabs with spaces
2017-05-05  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add typical `$` and `#` prompts to command...
2017-05-05  Philippe ProulxAdd --enable-embedded-help option to embed --help messa...
2017-01-24  Jonathan RajotteMan: move [SESSION] before options
2016-12-01  Philippe Proulxlttng-add-context(1): add missing man: prefix
2016-11-29  Philippe Proulxlttng-add-context(1): fix style
2016-11-29  Philippe Proulxlttng-snapshot(1): fix style
2016-11-29  Philippe Proulxlttng-metadata(1): fix style
2016-11-29  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: put short option's argument too
2016-11-29  Philippe ProulxRemove `metadata` command from various help resources
2016-11-29  Philippe ProulxList the `regenerate` command in various help resources
2016-11-29  Philippe Proulxlttng-load(1): fix synopsis and style
2016-11-25  Jérémie GalarneauDocs: remove invalid short option -U and move option...
2016-11-16  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: only require asciidoc-attrs.conf when building...
2016-10-07  Philippe Proulxlttng-enable-channel(1): remove redundant --discard...
2016-10-07  Jonathan Rajotteload: introduce --override-name
2016-10-07  Jonathan Rajotteman: lttng-load fix up
2016-10-07  Philippe ProulxRemove calibrate documentation
2016-10-07  Jonathan RajotteAdd --override-url option to load command
2016-07-20  Jérémie GalarneauFix: Mark ASCIIDOC_ATTRS_CONF as a dependency of man...
2016-07-08  Julien DesfossezEnable perf PMU counters by raw ID
2016-07-06  Julien DesfossezManpage for the regenerate statedump command
2016-07-06  Julien DesfossezRename the "metadata regenerate" command to "regenerate...
2016-05-24  Michael JeansonTypo: Stoping -> Stopping
2016-05-24  Michael JeansonTypo: occured -> occurred
2016-05-19  Jérémie GalarneauOOT build fix: asciidoc.conf is now a source file
2016-05-19  Philippe Proulxlttng-create(1): use attributes for default ports
2016-05-19  Philippe Proulxlttng-create(1): add xrefs to creation mode definitions
2016-05-19  Philippe Proulxlttng-create(1): use the correct DATAPORT/CTRLPORT...
2016-05-19  Philippe Proulxlttng-create(1): use def list for net protocols
2016-05-19  Philippe Proulxlttng-create(1): add relay mode
2016-05-19  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: put AsciiDoc attributes in their own file
2016-05-19  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd environment variable to allow abort on error
2016-05-15  Jérémie GalarneauOOT build fix: asciidoc.conf is now generated at configure
2016-05-15  Philippe ProulxDefine command short descriptions in configure.ac
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxlttng-relayd(8): $HOME -> $LTTNG_HOME
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: use propagated default values in man pages
2016-05-15  Philippe ProulxPropagate default values from configure.ac to asciidoc...
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxlttng-load(1): use lists to explain the input path...
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxlttng-sessiond(8): fix load directories and behaviour
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxlttng-load(1): specify default search order
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: use configured directories in man pages
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxdoc/man/asciidoc.conf: add doctype-manpage conditions
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: linklttng macro -> man macro
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxdoc/man/Makefile.am: add failing dist-hook on --disable...
2016-05-15  Philippe Proulxdoc/man/Makefile.am: fix top comment
2016-05-15  Philippe ProulxFix: standardize man pages building/installing
2016-04-04  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add FILES section
2016-03-24  Philippe ProulxFix: doc/man: lttng-add-context(1): add missing option...
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: common-footer.txt: add CI link
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: common-footer.txt: add GH organization link
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: lttng(1): clarify UST domain and add links...
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add escwc macro and use it
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: lttng(1): link from COMMAND (synopsis) to...
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: use linkgenoptions macro
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add linkgenoptions AsciiDoc macro
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: fix external links
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: xsl: move manpage-base.xsl -> manpage-callouts.xsl
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: xsl: move manpage-ulinks.xsl -> manpage-links.xsl
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: xsl: add <URL> after ulink text
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: xsl: add (internal) link template
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: lttng-enable-channel(1): move limitations...
2016-03-24  Philippe ProulxFix: doc/man: lttng-relayd(1) -> lttng-relayd(8)
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add nloption and genoption AsciiDoc macros
2016-03-24  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add [role="term"] to terminal callouts
2016-03-19  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add notes about shell escaping
2016-03-19  Philippe ProulxFix: doc/man/Makefile.am for OOT builds
2016-03-18  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: lttng.1.txt: sort commands in categories
2016-03-18  Jérémie GalarneauAdd an lttng-metadata man page
2016-03-18  Jérémie GalarneauRemove untrack reference from snapshot man page
2016-03-18  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: install lttng-health-check.3
2016-03-18  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: convert lttng-relayd(8) to AsciiDoc
2016-03-18  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: convert lttng-crash(1) to AsciiDoc
2016-03-18  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: convert lttng-sessiond(8) to AsciiDoc
2016-03-18  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: add README.md
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: remove lttng.1 (built from lttng.1.txt)
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-disable-event(1) and update/fix...
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-enable-event(1) and update/fix...
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-snapshot(1) and update/fix content
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-help(1) and update/fix content
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-status(1) and update/fix content
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-untrack(1) and update/fix content
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-track(1) and update/fix content
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-calibrate(1) and update/fix content
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-list(1) and update/fix content
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-add-context(1) and update/fix...
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-disable-channel(1) and update...
2016-03-17  Philippe Proulxdoc/man: create lttng-enable-channel(1) and update...
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