descriptionLTTng 2.0 tools and control repository
ownerJérémie Galarneau
last changeMon, 18 Oct 2021 18:43:54 +0000 (14:43 -0400)
27 hours ago  Jérémie GalarneauFix: lttng: add-context: silence coverity warning master
4 days ago  Jérémie GalarneauBuild fix: Missing message in LTTNG_DEPRECATED invocation
4 days ago  Simon Marchibin: compile lttng as C++
4 days ago  Michael JeansonCleanup: always use sysconf to get the page size
4 days ago  Michael JeansonCleanup: namespace 'align' macros
4 days ago  Jonathan RajotteFix: sessiond: previously created channel cannot be...
4 days ago  Jonathan RajotteFix: ust: app stuck on recv message during UST comm...
4 days ago  Jonathan RajotteFix: ust: UST communication can return -EAGAIN
4 days ago  Jonathan RajotteFix: ust: segfault on lttng start on filter bytecode...
4 days ago  Francis DeslauriersFix: notification-thread: handling event from a removed...
5 days ago  Simon Marchicommon/macros: don't define min and max macros in C++
5 days ago  Simon MarchiAdd mandatory C++ compiler build dependency
5 days ago  Simon Marchiliblttng-ctl: use export list to define exported symbols
5 days ago  Simon Marchitests: add some diags in
5 days ago  Simon Marchiinclude: add missing "extern"
5 days ago  Simon Marchiinclude: remove spurious spaces in condition/session...
24 hours ago v2.11.8 Version 2.11.8
24 hours ago v2.12.6 Version 2.12.6
24 hours ago v2.13.1 Version 2.13.1
2 months ago v2.12.5 Version 2.12.5
2 months ago v2.13.0 Version 2.13.0
3 months ago v2.13.0-rc3 Version 2.13.0-rc3
5 months ago v2.11.7 Version 2.11.7
5 months ago v2.12.4 Version 2.12.4
5 months ago v2.13.0-rc2 Version 2.13.0-rc2
5 months ago v2.13.0-rc1 Version 2.13.0-rc1
7 months ago v2.11.6 Version 2.11.6
7 months ago v2.12.3 Version 2.12.3
14 months ago v2.11.5 Version 2.11.5
14 months ago v2.12.2 Version 2.12.2
17 months ago v2.11.4 Version 2.11.4
17 months ago v2.12.1 Version 2.12.1
24 hours ago stable-2.11
24 hours ago stable-2.12
24 hours ago stable-2.13
27 hours ago master
18 months ago stable-2.9
18 months ago stable-2.10
4 years ago stable-2.8
4 years ago stable-2.7
5 years ago stable-2.6
6 years ago stable-2.5
6 years ago stable-2.4
7 years ago stable-2.3
7 years ago stable-2.2
7 years ago memleak-finder
8 years ago stable-2.1
8 years ago stable-2.0
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