Fix: sessiond: duplicated rotation notification sent
[lttng-tools.git] / src / bin / lttng-sessiond / rotation-thread.c
2019-11-20  Jérémie GalarneauFix: sessiond: duplicated rotation notification sent
2019-10-19  Michael JeansonTypo: occured -> occurred
2019-10-17  Jérémie GalarneauFix: sessiond: unbalanced health register/unregister...
2019-10-04  Francis DeslauriersFix: sessiond: Dereference before null check
2019-10-04  Francis DeslauriersFix: sessiond: Dereference after null check
2019-09-20  Jonathan RajotteFix: Move initialization of queue_pipe_fd after null...
2019-09-11  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up: remove dead assignment from thread_rotation
2019-08-09  Jérémie GalarneauFix: perform a rotation to a null trace chunk on sessio...
2019-08-09  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up: declare dummy pipe payload as a char instead...
2019-07-25  Jérémie GalarneauCreate stream files relative to a stream's current...
2019-05-04  Yannick LamarreClean code base from redundant verification
2019-05-04  Yannick LamarreFix: hang in thread_rotation when using compat-poll
2019-02-11  Jonathan RajotteFix: session list lock must be held on session put...
2018-12-05  Jérémie GalarneauRemove the sessiond "ready" counter mechanism
2018-12-05  Jérémie GalarneauLaunch the rotation thread using lttng_thread
2018-12-05  Jérémie GalarneauFix: flush the rotation thread's job queue on exit
2018-12-05  Jérémie GalarneauStop rotation pending check timer from the rotation...
2018-12-05  Jérémie GalarneauLaunch the notification thread using lttng_thread
2018-12-03  Jérémie GalarneauAcquire a reference to a session when a timer is active
2018-12-03  Jérémie GalarneauReference count ltt_session objects
2018-11-16  Michael JeansonFix: typo 'occured' -> 'occurred'
2018-11-16  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up: typo in logging message Totation -> Rotation
2018-11-16  Jérémie GalarneauFix: rotation error may leave session in "ONGOING"...
2018-11-16  Jérémie GalarneauFix: session_list lock must be held to launch a rotation
2018-11-16  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up: move global sessiond symbols out of main.o
2018-11-12  Jérémie GalarneauFix: condition unsubscription error leaves session...
2018-11-12  Jérémie GalarneauFix: rotation thread does not unregister from RCU on...
2018-10-30  Jérémie GalarneauFix: session destruction blocks indefinitely if rotatio...
2018-10-04  Jérémie GalarneauFix: register rotation thread as RCU thread
2018-10-03  Jérémie GalarneauFix: uninitialized variable may be used in local rotati...
2018-10-02  Jérémie GalarneauRename sessiond-timer.[hc] to timer.[hc]
2018-10-02  Jérémie GalarneauFix: rotation may never complete in per-PID buffering...
2018-08-30  Jérémie GalarneauCleanup: unused assignation on rotation already pending
2018-08-24  Jérémie GalarneauAdd notification session rotation hooks
2018-08-20  Jérémie GalarneauFix: unchecked return value of cds_lfht_destroy
2018-05-02  Jérémie GalarneauRename rotate_count to current_archive_id
2018-04-04  Jonathan RajotteFix: goto end after end label
2018-04-03  Jérémie GalarneauCheck for pending notification on notification channel...
2018-04-03  Jérémie GalarneauClarify error logging statement of rotation thread
2018-04-03  Jérémie GalarneauFix: rotation state marked as completed before relayd...
2018-04-03  Julien DesfossezSize-based rotation
2018-04-03  Julien DesfossezRotate timer
2018-03-23  Julien Desfossezlttng rotate command
2018-03-21  Julien DesfossezRelay rotate pending command
2018-03-21  Julien DesfossezRotate command
2018-03-16  Julien DesfossezSessiond timer thread
2018-03-15  Julien DesfossezSessiond rotation thread
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