Add lttng hash table support to liblttng-consumer
[lttng-tools.git] / libkernelctl / kernel-ioctl.h
2011-08-06  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd calibrate command
2011-07-18  David GouletChange licensing
2011-06-27  David GouletAdd kernel context ioctl
2011-06-27  David GouletMajor changes
2011-05-24  Julien DesfossezLibkernctl sync ioctl values
2011-05-24  Julien DesfossezSync ioctl headers with kernel
2011-05-18  Julien DesfossezInitial import of kconsumerd and libkernelctl
2011-05-06  David GouletInitial import of libkernelctl and data structures
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