2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: add cds_wfcq_dequeue
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: wfcq needs to link against urcu-common
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: update queue comment
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: fix make clean
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersgitignore: add qsbr-minimal
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: cds_wfcq_enqueue
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: Move LIBS to each makefile
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: cds_list_for_each_rcu
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: cds_list_for_each_entry_rcu
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: cds_list_replace_rcu
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: cds_list_add_tail_rcu
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: cds_list_del_rcu
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/examples: cds_list_add_rcu
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersrculist: ensure atomic updates of next pointers
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersrculist: implement cds_list_add_tail_rcu
2013-06-21  Mathieu Desnoyersrculist.h and list.h style cleanup
2013-06-20  Mathieu Desnoyersexample makefile: add missing cd ..
2013-06-20  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate gitignore
2013-06-20  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: examples Makefile on FreeBSD
2013-06-19  Mathieu Desnoyershash table test: don't redefine CACHE_LINE_SIZE
2013-06-19  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: use thread-id.h wrapper
2013-06-19  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement thread-id.h wrapper
2013-06-19  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: add missing unsigned long casts to pthread_self()
2013-06-14  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: don't build examples in static builds
2013-06-14  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd QSBR minimal example
2013-06-14  Mathieu Desnoyerscompiler.h: implement CAA_ARRAY_SIZE()
2013-06-14  Mathieu Desnoyersdocument rcu barrier
2013-06-14  Mathieu Desnoyersrcu barrier: handle OOM die urcu_die
2013-06-14  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement rcu_barrier()
2013-06-14  Mathieu Desnoyersrculfhash: document destroy context limitations
2013-06-11  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd MIPS to README
2013-06-08  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate README
2013-06-08  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate README testing info about FreeBSD
2013-05-15  Mathieu Desnoyerstest: fix api.h missing if brackets
2013-05-15  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: fix incorrect counter
2013-05-10  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: membarrier fallback symbol conflict
2013-05-10  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: Use a filled signal mask to disable all signals
2013-05-06  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-bp: introduce struct urcu_gp
2013-05-06  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: struct urcu_gp broke multiflavor
2013-05-06  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup test usage printout
2013-05-06  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack tests: use pop "last" state info
2013-05-06  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack: return whether pop is popping the last element
2013-05-06  Mathieu Desnoyerswfcqueue tests: use dequeue empty state
2013-05-06  Mathieu Desnoyerswfcqueue: return whether dequeue is dequeuing last...
2013-05-06  Lai Jiangshanurcu: avoid false sharing for rcu_gp_ctr
2013-05-06  Lai Jiangshanurcu: make the code of urcu-qsbr as normal urcu
2013-04-30  Mathieu Desnoyersrculfhash: detect if resize/destroy are called within...
2013-04-30  Mathieu DesnoyersDocumentation: rculfhash: cds_lfht_resize not within...
2013-04-30  Mathieu Desnoyersfix: rculfhash don't change qsbr online state
2013-04-30  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd rcu_read_ongoing() API to each urcu flavor
2013-04-17  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd "sparc" host cpu to configure.ac
2013-04-16  Mathieu Desnoyersfutex: include syscall.h instead of sys/syscall.h
2013-03-14  Paul E. McKenneyAdd tab to output in order to allow easy nesting of...
2013-03-14  Mathieu DesnoyersRemove urcu-api-list.sh from dist tarball
2013-03-14  Paul E. McKenneyAdd urcu-api-list.sh script
2013-03-13  Mathieu Desnoyerslist: implement cds_list_for_each_safe()
2013-02-22  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: tests/api.h use cpuset.h
2013-02-22  Mathieu DesnoyersFix hurd-i386: move cpuset tests outside of sched_setaf...
2013-02-22  Mathieu DesnoyersFix tests: finer-grained use of CPU_SET, CPU_ZERO and...
2013-02-22  Mathieu DesnoyersTest for CPU_SET
2013-02-22  Mathieu DesnoyersFix build on architectures with HAVE_SCHED_GETCPU but...
2013-02-22  Mathieu DesnoyersREADME: document that Clang 3.0 (based on LLVM 3.0...
2013-02-22  Mathieu Desnoyersclang: silence "unused expression result" warning
2013-02-15  Mathieu Desnoyersrculfhash: add assertions on node alignment
2013-02-13  Etienne BergeronSpelling cleanups within comments and documentation
2013-02-12  Simon MarchiFix configure checks for Tile
2013-01-31  Mathieu Desnoyersuatomic: style fix
2013-01-26  Mathieu Desnoyersdoc/cds-api.txt: expand documentation
2013-01-26  Mathieu DesnoyersREADME: document each API file
2013-01-26  Mathieu DesnoyersREADME: reorganize
2013-01-24  Simon MarchiAdd compilation support for the TileGX architecture
2013-01-20  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack: add nonblocking to _LGPL_SOURCE API
2013-01-07  Mathieu DesnoyersDiscourage use of pthread_atfork() for call_rcu handlers
2012-12-26  Mathieu DesnoyersFix call_rcu fork handling
2012-12-26  Mathieu Desnoyerstest: fork handling
2012-12-20  Lai Jiangshanrculfhash: add cds_lfht_replace to the write operations...
2012-12-20  Lai Jiangshanurcu: fix comments for cds_list_for_each_prev()
2012-12-10  Mathieu Desnoyersdocumentation: fix rcu-api.txt duplicates
2012-12-08  Mathieu Desnoyerstest wfcq: remove unneeded urcu.h include
2012-12-08  Mathieu Desnoyerstest wfs: remove unneeded urcu.h include
2012-12-07  Lai Jiangshanurcu: declare test_urcu_multiflavor functions
2012-12-07  Lai Jiangshanurcu: remove the wrong comma
2012-12-06  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack: implement nonblocking pop and next
2012-12-06  Mathieu Desnoyerswfcqueue: document first/next return values
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack: update comments about cds_wfs_empty/first...
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack API: rename cds_wfs_first_blocking to cds_wfs_first
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack test: test if number of push to empty vs pop_al...
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack: document first/next return values
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerstest wfstack: enforce external mutex if needed by default
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerstest wfcqueue: enforce external mutex if needed by...
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-mb/signal/membarrier: batch concurrent synchronize...
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-wait: move queue management code into urcu-wait.h
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-wait: move wait code into separate file
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-qsbr: batch concurrent synchronize_rcu()
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: use standard malloc/free for synchronize_rcu()
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-bp: move quiescent threads to separate list
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-mb/signal/membarrier: move quiescent threads to...
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-qsbr: move offline threads to separate list
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-bp: improve 2-phase wait scheme
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-mb/signal/membarrier: improve 2-phase wait scheme
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