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[urcu.git] / lgpl-relicensing.txt
1 Mathieu Desnoyers
2 May 13th, 2009
4 IBM Corporation allowed LGPLv2.1+ licensing of their contribution to the
5 userspace RCU library.
7 ACCESS_ONCE(), likely(), unlikely() and barrier() are considered trivial enough
8 that copyright does not apply to them. I (Mathieu Desnoyers) re-typed them from
9 scratch in a mail client just to prove it.
11 Bert Wesarg <> approved LGPL relicensing of his patch.
13 xchg() primitives has been rewritten from a MIT-licensed cmpxchg for Intel and
14 powerpc. They are MIT-licensed and therefore usable in LGPL code.
16 I am therefore permitted to relicense the userspace RCU library as LGPLv2.1.
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