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[lttngtop.git] / README-LIVE
1 In order to use the (beta) live tracing features of LttngTop, you need these
2 branches :
4 git clone -b lttngtop-live git://git.dorsal.polymtl.ca/~jdesfossez/lttng-tools
5 git clone -b lttngtop-live git://git.dorsal.polymtl.ca/~jdesfossez/babeltrace
7 The only difference between these branches and the master branch is that they
8 export an additional library that is used by lttngtop to do live tracing.
10 You have to compile and install lttng-tools before babeltrace since there are
11 dependencies on the library exposed by this special lttng-tools in babeltrace
12 for live mmap buffer consuming.
14 Then you can compile and use the live branch of LttngTop :
15 git clone -b live git://git.lttng.org/lttngtop.git
17 Once everything is installed, you can start as root lttng-sessiond and use
18 lttngtop (as root or from a user part of the "tracing" group).
20 Note: if lttng-sessiond has been used to record a trace before starting
21 lttngtop (normal lttng use-case), you need to restart it because it
22 automatically spawned a consumer that prevents lttngtop from registering its
23 own consumer. The same applies when you finish using lttngtop, you need to
24 restart the lttng-sessiond daemon to allow others to record traces again. This
25 is a know problem of integration that will be fixed.
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