2011-07-29  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre6 v2.0-pre6
2011-07-29  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd kretprobe support (new --function implementation)
2011-07-29  David GouletFix multiple enable events
2011-07-28  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre5 v2.0-pre5
2011-07-28  David GouletPrint trace output patch on lttng create
2011-07-28  David GouletFix adding multiple kernel context at once
2011-07-28  David GouletFix auto session path duplication
2011-07-28  David GouletFix bad strncmp length
2011-07-27  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre4 v2.0-pre4
2011-07-27  David GouletFix channel creation when enabling an event
2011-07-27  David GouletAdd event count in channel structure
2011-07-27  David GouletFix uninitialized kprobe attributes
2011-07-27  David GouletFix bad address conversion
2011-07-26  David GouletTrace path creation made on the client side
2011-07-26  David GouletFix safe list iteration
2011-07-26  David GouletAdd reset of the session message
2011-07-26  David GouletFix comments in main.c
2011-07-26  David GouletIncrease possible verbose level for session daemon
2011-07-26  David GouletFix set session command
2011-07-25  David GouletAdd kernel trace data structure test
2011-07-25  David GouletFix missing pointer initialisation
2011-07-25  David GouletAdd tracing session test
2011-07-23  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre3 v2.0-pre3
2011-07-23  Mathieu DesnoyersFix perf hw cache counter config values
2011-07-22  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre2 v2.0-pre2
2011-07-22  David GouletAdd missing fprintf format
2011-07-22  Mathieu DesnoyersUI print cleanup
2011-07-22  Mathieu DesnoyersUse "probe" rather than "kprobe" for UI
2011-07-22  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate quickstart for new perf UI
2011-07-22  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate handling of perf counters in add-context
2011-07-22  Mathieu DesnoyersRemove assert from kconsumerd (multi-fd handling is ok)
2011-07-22  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup header
2011-07-21  David GouletAdd string options for add-context
2011-07-21  Mathieu DesnoyersFix sending fd through sendmsg/recvmsg ancillary data
2011-07-21  David GouletImprove add-context command
2011-07-21  David GouletUpdate and add to the quickstart guide
2011-07-20  David GouletMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-20  David GouletRename binary installation path define
2011-07-20  Mathieu DesnoyersFix double-unlock in kconsumerd_find_session_fd()
2011-07-20  David GouletFix error handling
2011-07-20  Simon MarchiRemove format strings warnings when compiling on 32...
2011-07-20  David GouletUse install path for exec()
2011-07-20  David GouletFix set but no use variables warnings
2011-07-20  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre1 v2.0-pre1
2011-07-20  David GouletUpdate authors
2011-07-20  David GouletChange bzip2 for dist tarball
2011-07-20  David GouletFix session trace output message
2011-07-20  David GouletAdd usage section to README
2011-07-20  David GouletFix README and add doc to tarball
2011-07-20  David GouletFix build system for valid make dist
2011-07-20  David GouletRemove debug mode at kconsumerd exec
2011-07-18  David GouletFix wrong spacing
2011-07-18  David GouletFix invalid channel creation
2011-07-18  Julien DesfossezMake the receiving thread non blocking
2011-07-18  David GouletChange licensing
2011-07-18  David GouletChange lttng.h API char to const char
2011-07-18  David GouletNew public API for lttng control
2011-07-18  David GouletRemove connect/disconnect sessiond from lttng API
2011-07-18  Mathieu Desnoyersquickstart guide review
2011-07-18  David GouletMakes kprobe attribute specific to kernel
2011-07-18  David GouletFix tracing events data structure
2011-07-18  David GouletRemove libustctl and libustcomm
2011-07-18  David GouletRemove not working test
2011-07-18  David GouletAdd quick start tracing guide
2011-07-17  David GouletAdd session daemon model RFC
2011-07-17  David GouletAdd short option for no sessiond feature
2011-07-17  David GouletAdd error message if event not found
2011-07-17  David GouletFix return code to 0 on success and 1 on error
2011-07-17  David GouletFix session list locking
2011-07-17  David GouletFix bad cleanup of context structure
2011-07-16  David GouletFix bad exit conditions
2011-07-16  David GouletClean exit cleanup of the session daemon
2011-07-16  David GouletAdd version command
2011-07-16  David GouletForce to specify the type with add-context
2011-07-16  David GouletAdd comment for the session list lock
2011-07-16  David GouletFix double mutex unlock
2011-07-16  Mathieu Desnoyerslttng command line UI: fix allocation/free
2011-07-15  David GouletFix missing value
2011-07-15  David GouletAdd locking for all session data structure
2011-07-15  David GouletAdd CPU hotplug support
2011-07-15  David GouletRemove useless kernel session counter
2011-07-15  David GouletRemove dependency on libuuid
2011-07-15  Julien DesfossezFix locking dependency problem
2011-07-14  Mathieu Desnoyerskconsumerd: signals should only set flag and write...
2011-07-14  Mathieu DesnoyersLocking fix.
2011-07-14  David GouletFix mutex unprotected list
2011-07-14  David GouletAdd a check for duplicate session fd
2011-07-13  David GouletParse kprobe options with enable-event
2011-07-12  David GouletAdd new kernel consumer name to gitignore
2011-07-12  Julien DesfossezRename kconsumerd to ltt-kconsumerd
2011-07-12  Julien DesfossezCreate a library for the kernel consumer
2011-07-07  David GouletFix segfault on free() pointer
2011-07-07  Simon MarchiAdd list-commands and list-options to lttng ui
2011-07-07  David GouletAdd detection of debugfs and kernel module loading
2011-07-07  David GouletRemove unused header file
2011-07-07  David GouletDisable user-space tracer control
2011-07-06  David GouletFix missing tracing group when UID=0
2011-07-06  David GouletChange configuration file and trace output dir
2011-06-30  David GouletAdd set session command to lttng cli
2011-06-30  David GouletAdd session name option to all command
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