2011-11-15  David GouletChange malloc to zmalloc in lttng-sessiond code
2011-11-15  David GouletCleanup and add comments to ust_app.c
2011-11-14  David GouletFix enabled state when listing UST events
2011-11-14  David GouletMultiple fixes when cleaning app and UST sessions
2011-11-14  David GouletAdd important DEBUG statement
2011-11-14  David GouletCleanup trace ust destroy functions
2011-11-14  David GouletMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-11-14  David GouletAdd cleanup function for UST app
2011-11-14  David GouletChange malloc to zmalloc on UST metadata creation
2011-11-14  David GouletAdd hashtable destroy
2011-11-14  David GouletFix possible NULL UST session on start trace
2011-11-14  David GouletFix indentation
2011-11-14  Mathieu Desnoyerssessiond: don't link on lttng-ust-comm anymore
2011-11-14  Mathieu DesnoyersFix incorrect POPT_ARG_STRING usage
2011-11-14  Mathieu Desnoyerslttng enable-events: fix argument parsing
2011-11-14  Mathieu DesnoyersFix debug message channel vs session name mixup
2011-11-13  Mathieu DesnoyersRemove leftover debug message
2011-11-13  Mathieu Desnoyersadd_ustctx_all_channels: Move rcu_read_unlock in error...
2011-11-13  Mathieu Desnoyersust_app_find_by_pid: move rcu_read_unlock to error...
2011-11-13  Mathieu Desnoyerssessiond find_app_by_sock: remove double-rcu-unlock...
2011-11-13  Mathieu Desnoyerssessiond trace-ust: fix memleak on error paths
2011-11-13  Mathieu Desnoyerslttng UI: read opt_cmd_name opt arg for each command
2011-11-12  Mathieu DesnoyersLTTng sessiond: fix ust app error handling
2011-11-11  Michal SimekFix link to git repository
2011-11-10  David GouletFix NULL dereference in liblttngctl
2011-11-10  David GouletMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-11-10  David GouletAdd tracepoint listing for UST
2011-11-10  David GouletFix not NULL pointer on size 0
2011-11-10  David GouletUpdate from upstream for ht macros
2011-11-10  Mathieu DesnoyersUST support: send commands to app before register done
2011-11-09  Mathieu DesnoyersFix ust consumer channel memory non-zeroed allocation
2011-11-09  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate ust-abi/ust-ctl header copies
2011-11-08  David GouletCleanup ust-app.c and make it more modular
2011-11-08  David GouletFix possible NULL pointer dereference
2011-11-08  David GouletFix wrong pathname creation for UST metadata
2011-11-08  David GouletFix directory creation of UST traces
2011-11-08  David GouletFix useless context hashtable size and segfault on...
2011-11-08  David GouletAdd auto start UST trace support
2011-11-08  Mathieu DesnoyersUST consumer: perform buffer flush on hang up
2011-11-07  David GouletFix wrong returned valu on UST start trace
2011-11-07  David GouletFix build system for urcu wfqueue
2011-11-07  David GouletAuto creation of chan/event on apps registration
2011-11-07  David GouletAdd missing function references with no UST support
2011-11-05  Mathieu DesnoyersFix incorrect parenthesis for poll test in consumer
2011-11-05  Mathieu DesnoyersUST consumer: implement missing ust-specific callbacks...
2011-11-05  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing rcu_read_unlock on error paths
2011-11-05  Mathieu DesnoyersFix order of streams
2011-11-04  Mathieu DesnoyersUST consumer interaction fix: send all channel streams
2011-11-04  Mathieu DesnoyersLTTng-UST support: --disable-lttng-ust build option
2011-11-03  Mathieu Desnoyersust consumer: flag shm/wait fd as copy
2011-11-03  Mathieu Desnoyersust consumer: fix double close
2011-11-03  Mathieu Desnoyersconsumer handling fix: send metadata channel shm size
2011-11-03  Mathieu DesnoyersFix UST consumer FD send: channels only send one FD
2011-11-03  Mathieu DesnoyersFix debug message in send consumer fd.
2011-11-03  David GouletRemove *bad* debug printf
2011-11-03  David GouletChange linking libs using new UST names
2011-11-03  David GouletFix using new UST headers location
2011-11-03  David GouletChange UST header location and update in tree headers
2011-11-03  David GouletSupport urcu 0.6.6 with the likely/unlikely API change
2011-11-03  David GouletRename ltt-sessiond to lttng-sessiond
2011-11-03  David GouletFix UST renaming and update ust headers
2011-11-03  David GouletUpdate README and TODO
2011-11-03  David GouletFix build system with libustcomm removed
2011-11-03  David GouletRemove unused and empty lib
2011-11-03  Thomas Petazzoniltt-sessiond: use short options for modprobe in order...
2011-11-02  David GouletPreliminary work for full UST support
2011-11-02  David GouletUpdate RCU hashtable from upstream urcu
2011-11-02  David GouletImport hashtable files from URCU upstream git
2011-11-02  David GouletBasic hashtable support for UST
2011-11-02  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate documentation following babeltrace UI change
2011-10-27  Mathieu DesnoyersUST support: add UST control commands
2011-10-27  Mathieu DesnoyersFix kconsumerd number of fd expected
2011-10-26  David GouletAdd lttng-consumerd to gitignore
2011-10-26  David GouletRemove unused variable
2011-10-25  David GouletAPI change for lttng_get_readeable_code
2011-10-25  David GouletFix array size in kconsumer add stream
2011-10-25  David GouletFix inline function bad definition
2011-10-23  Mathieu DesnoyersUse UST comm lib
2011-10-23  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate UST messages
2011-10-23  Mathieu DesnoyersUST 2.0 support
2011-10-05  David GouletFix disable event
2011-10-05  David GouletAdd EEXIST support for kernel event on the tracer side
2011-10-05  David GouletFix bad channel handling on enable-event
2011-10-04  David GouletFix comments in lttng-sessiond-comm code
2011-10-04  David GouletAdd recv fds function to lttng-comm API
2011-10-04  David GouletAdd missing mutex lock for kconsumerd pid
2011-10-04  David GouletAdd sem_wait timeout on the kconsumerd thread
2011-10-04  David GouletRemove session list lock acquisition of the search
2011-10-04  David GouletFix possible use of uninitialized variable
2011-10-03  David GouletFix session list deadlock
2011-10-03  David GouletFix enable syscall and bad value of poll set size
2011-10-03  Yannick BrosseauDon't report an error when the last section of the...
2011-09-30  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 2.0-pre14 v2.0-pre14
2011-09-30  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement enable all vs enable tracepoints vs enable...
2011-09-30  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate documentation for enable all events
2011-09-30  David GouletEnable all events command enable also syscalls
2011-09-29  David GouletAdd liburcu function check to build system
2011-09-29  David GouletWrite debug message on stderr
2011-09-29  David GouletFix epoll not handling signal interruption
2011-09-27  David GouletRename traceable-app and change ust app call
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