2011-10-23  Mathieu DesnoyersUST 2.0 support
2011-10-05  David GouletFix disable event
2011-10-05  David GouletAdd EEXIST support for kernel event on the tracer side
2011-10-05  David GouletFix bad channel handling on enable-event
2011-10-04  David GouletFix comments in lttng-sessiond-comm code
2011-10-04  David GouletAdd recv fds function to lttng-comm API
2011-10-04  David GouletAdd missing mutex lock for kconsumerd pid
2011-10-04  David GouletAdd sem_wait timeout on the kconsumerd thread
2011-10-04  David GouletRemove session list lock acquisition of the search
2011-10-04  David GouletFix possible use of uninitialized variable
2011-10-03  David GouletFix session list deadlock
2011-10-03  David GouletFix enable syscall and bad value of poll set size
2011-10-03  Yannick BrosseauDon't report an error when the last section of the...
2011-09-30  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 2.0-pre14 v2.0-pre14
2011-09-30  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement enable all vs enable tracepoints vs enable...
2011-09-30  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate documentation for enable all events
2011-09-30  David GouletEnable all events command enable also syscalls
2011-09-29  David GouletAdd liburcu function check to build system
2011-09-29  David GouletWrite debug message on stderr
2011-09-29  David GouletFix epoll not handling signal interruption
2011-09-27  David GouletRename traceable-app and change ust app call
2011-09-27  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate quickstart, describing syscall events
2011-09-27  Mathieu Desnoyersltt-kconsumerd: Fix incorrect typing
2011-09-26  David GouletAdd enable channel support for UST
2011-09-26  David GouletFix UST define in global headers
2011-09-26  David GouletUpdate UST ABI and add UST some error message
2011-09-26  David GouletFix channel name in all kernel event test
2011-09-26  David GouletAdd default ust channel attributes
2011-09-26  Mathieu Desnoyerskconsumerd: fix strict aliasing
2011-09-26  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing rculfhash.h header to make dist
2011-09-26  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge rculfhash into lttng-tools
2011-09-22  David GouletImprove debugging and add PERROR call
2011-09-22  David GouletMissing negative sign to interpret error code
2011-09-22  David GouletFix enable all syscalls
2011-09-19  David GouletReplace sys_enter/exit from tests
2011-09-19  David GouletFix wrong logical operator
2011-09-19  David GouletFix uninitialized pointer
2011-09-19  Mathieu DesnoyersRename syscalls -> syscall in UI/API/ABI
2011-09-16  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd support for --syscalls
2011-09-16  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre13 v2.0-pre13
2011-09-16  David GouletAdd missing file to extra dist
2011-09-16  David GouletAdd TODO file
2011-09-15  David GouletMajor code cleanup
2011-09-15  David GouletMinor fixes to header files
2011-09-15  David GouletAdd poll/epoll compat layer for session daemon
2011-09-15  David GouletAdd epoll check to autoconf and Makefile
2011-09-13  David GouletFix enable-channel that did not handle correctly lttng...
2011-09-10  Mathieu Desnoyersltt-sessiond: fix 2 double-unlock
2011-09-08  David GouletCleanup poll handling events
2011-09-08  David GouletImprove poll management of registration thread
2011-09-08  David GouletIncrease listen() connexion limit
2011-09-08  David GouletFix missing events for all threads pollfd struct
2011-09-07  David GouletAdd a safety check to nbfd of apps cmd pollfd
2011-09-07  David GouletAdd benchmark directory to git ignore
2011-09-06  David GouletFix pollfd update bug in thread_manage apps
2011-09-01  David GouletRemove fork() for the wait shm creation process
2011-09-01  David GouletAdd the notify UST application scheme
2011-08-28  David GouletUpdate and fix UST register and session creation
2011-08-26  David GouletMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-08-26  David GouletBetter debug and fix an error handling
2011-08-26  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-08-26  David GouletFix missing headers
2011-08-26  David GouletFix memory leaks and modify kernel session creation
2011-08-26  David GouletAdd UST trace data structure and functions
2011-08-26  David GouletFix tests to fit renaming
2011-08-26  David GouletRename trace.c/.h to trace-kernel
2011-08-26  David GouletCheck declaration of futex_async and update urcu needed...
2011-08-25  Julien DesfossezInit the kconsumerd error socket
2011-08-25  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0-pre12 v2.0-pre12
2011-08-25  David GouletFix missing header in
2011-08-25  David GouletAdd support for UST application registration
2011-08-25  David GouletAdding LTTng UST 2.0 ABI
2011-08-25  David GouletAdd NULL pointer check
2011-08-25  David GouletFix AUTHORS
2011-08-25  David GouletFix headers include and rename kernctl.h header
2011-08-23  David GouletCleanup comments and bad indent
2011-08-20  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing error handling in liblttngctl
2011-08-20  Mathieu Desnoyersthread_manage_apps: update and comment socket handling
2011-08-19  David GouletMissing -k option in quickstart guide
2011-08-17  David GouletFix incorrect thread cleanup on blocking recv()
2011-08-17  David GouletFix tracing group spawning the session daemon
2011-08-17  David GouletAdd lttng-modules detection for tests
2011-08-16  Julien DesfossezCallbacks on receive and update FD
2011-08-16  Mathieu DesnoyersParametrize enable-channel help
2011-08-16  Julien DesfossezFunction to handle snapshots in liblttngkconsumerd
2011-08-16  Mathieu DesnoyersSet default number of metadata subbuffers to 2
2011-08-16  Mathieu DesnoyersTurn consumer "normal" error into debug statement ...
2011-08-16  David GouletSend data to kconsumerd before tracing start
2011-08-16  Mathieu DesnoyersModify default kernel channel size/number
2011-08-16  Mathieu Desnoyerskconsumerd: fix infinite loop in splice handling of...
2011-08-15  David GouletAdd kernel events tests
2011-08-15  David GouletUpdate tests EXTRA_DIST
2011-08-15  David GouletAdd basic kernel tracing tests
2011-08-15  David GouletContinue parsing options for add-context on error
2011-08-15  David GouletAdd test script to distribution
2011-08-14  David GouletRename and export lib kernel consumer
2011-08-14  Julien DesfossezKconsumerd use the output parameter
2011-08-13  David GouletFix bad channel output when sending to consumer
2011-08-13  David GouletPermit custom consumer registration to a session
2011-08-12  David GouletFix missing file for make dist
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