event-rule: userspace probe: rename get/set_name to get/set_event_name
[lttng-tools.git] / tests / unit / test_event_rule.c
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: userspace probe: rename get/set_name to...
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: kernel probe: force location on create
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: kernel probe: rename set/get_name to set...
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename uprobe files to userspace-probe
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename uprobe to userspace-probe
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename kprobe file to kernel-probe
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename kprobe to kernel_probe
2020-09-11  Jonathan Rajottetests: unit: event-rule unit testing
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