add-trigger: rename --fire-* to --rate-policy=*:value
[lttng-tools.git] / tests / regression / tools / trigger / test_list_triggers_cli
2021-04-18  Jonathan Rajotteadd-trigger: rename --fire-* to --rate-policy=*:value
2021-04-18  Jonathan RajotteRename firing policy to rate policy
2021-04-18  Jonathan RajotteMove firing policy from lttng_trigger to lttng_action
2021-03-31  Francis Deslaurierssessiond: Implement kernel event notifier error counter
2021-03-22  Francis DeslauriersTests: Cleanup: add `lttng_{add, remove}_trigger_ok...
2021-03-18  Francis DeslauriersTests: Fix: list-triggers test case out of date
2021-03-16  Simon MarchiCLI: make list-triggers command print capture expressions
2021-02-24  Simon Marchilttng: Add list-triggers command
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