lttng {add,list}-triggers: use `name` instead of `id`
[lttng-tools.git] / tests / regression / tools / trigger / test_add_trigger_cli
2021-04-22  Simon Marchilttng {add,list}-triggers: use `name` instead of `id`
2021-04-22  Simon Marchilttng add-trigger: parse condition / action name as...
2021-04-18  Jonathan Rajotteadd-trigger: rename --fire-* to --rate-policy=*:value
2021-04-18  Jonathan RajotteMove firing policy from lttng_trigger to lttng_action
2021-03-09  Simon MarchiCLI: add-trigger: add --capture option to `on-event...
2021-02-24  Jonathan RajotteTests: Add add-trigger CLI tests
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