Move hash table to common/ directory
[lttng-tools.git] / tests / lttng /
2011-12-06  David GouletAPI change for lttng_start/stop_tracing prototype
2011-12-06  David GouletAPI change for lttng_destroy_session prototype
2011-11-03  David GouletRename ltt-sessiond to lttng-sessiond
2011-10-25  David GouletAPI change for lttng_get_readeable_code
2011-09-26  David GouletFix channel name in all kernel event test
2011-09-22  David GouletFix enable all syscalls
2011-09-19  David GouletReplace sys_enter/exit from tests
2011-08-17  David GouletAdd lttng-modules detection for tests
2011-08-15  David GouletAdd kernel events tests
2011-08-15  David GouletAdd basic kernel tracing tests
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