Add --disable-git-version to configure
[lttng-tools.git] / src / bin / lttng / commands / version.c
2014-07-29  David GouletAdd --disable-git-version to configure
2014-07-29  Jonathan Rajotte... Always print GIT_VERSION even if empty
2014-07-23  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi: fix: use GIT_VERSION inplace of FULL_NAME
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi version command: add commit version to mi version
2014-07-22  Jonathan RajotteMi: mi backend + mi for command version
2014-05-13  Raphaël BeamonteAdd git commit id to the version if it's not a tag
2014-02-27  David GouletRevert "Fix: format + PACKAGE_URL for dynamic printing"
2014-02-25  Jonathan RajotteFix: format + PACKAGE_URL for dynamic printing
2012-08-21  David GouletStandardize lttng command line usage text
2012-03-20  David GouletUpdate version to 2.0.0 stable v2.0.0
2012-03-12  Alexandre MontplaisirLicense header fixes
2012-02-01  Thibault, DanielFix return value and mem leak for all commands
2012-01-24  Simon MarchiAdd a '--list-options' option to each command.
2012-01-20  David GouletRename cmd.h for command.h
2012-01-20  David GouletComplete change of the source directory tree
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