Fix: wrong check before destroying the viewer metadata stream
[lttng-tools.git] / src / bin / lttng-relayd / live.c
2014-01-14  Julien DesfossezFix: wrong check before destroying the viewer metadata...
2014-01-14  Julien DesfossezFix: race with the viewer and readiness of streams
2013-12-16  Julien DesfossezFix: clear the CTF traces when all the streams are...
2013-12-10  Julien DesfossezFix: close connection on incompatible version check
2013-11-26  Julien DesfossezRename LTTng index in CTF index
2013-11-15  Julien DesfossezFix end condition on rotate with live reading
2013-11-15  Julien DesfossezProtect the abort_flag on reset and always close on...
2013-11-14  Julien DesfossezFix concurrency issues while overwriting tracefiles...
2013-11-13  Julien DesfossezHandle the tracefile_size/count in live
2013-11-11  Mathieu DesnoyersUse lttng_read/lttng_write wrappers
2013-11-11  Mathieu Desnoyersrelayd live cleanup
2013-11-06  Julien DesfossezImplement live viewer SEEK_LAST
2013-11-06  Julien DesfossezLive: send the number of streams in list_sessions
2013-11-04  David GouletFix: Uninitialized scalar variable
2013-10-09  Mathieu Desnoyersrelayd: add health check support for live threads
2013-09-27  David GouletFix: use global thread quit pipe in live
2013-09-27  David GouletFix: use session id when deleting viewer streams
2013-09-27  David GouletFix: remove debug error message
2013-09-27  David GouletMake viewer streams HT global
2013-09-27  Julien DesfossezImplement the relayd live features
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