Fix: relayd: live: unchecked return value when opening relay socket
[lttng-tools.git] / src / bin / lttng-relayd / live.c
2020-02-18  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: live: unchecked return value when opening...
2020-01-31  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: register listener threads as rcu readers
2020-01-30  Michael JeansonMove to kernel style SPDX license identifiers
2020-01-30  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: replace uses of block FDs by the fs_handle...
2020-01-30  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: track the live client connections socket
2020-01-30  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: track the live listener socket
2020-01-30  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: track the live viewer worker thread's epoll fd
2020-01-30  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: track the live listener thread's epoll fd
2020-01-30  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: track the live_conn_pipe with the fd-tracker
2019-12-19  Mathieu Desnoyersrelayd: live: implement support for clear feature
2019-12-19  Mathieu Desnoyersrelayd: add extra debug output
2019-12-19  Mathieu Desnoyerscommon: index and trace-chunk file creation/open API...
2019-12-19  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: per-pid live: no new metadata vs close
2019-12-03  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: missing metadata stream causes all traces...
2019-11-22  Francis DeslauriersFix: relayd: don't send streams if there is no metadata
2019-11-12  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: session trace chunk is copied too late
2019-10-29  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: live: crash when creating viewer streams
2019-10-29  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: live: crash on attach to a session without...
2019-10-29  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: live: some listed sessions are not attacheable
2019-10-04  Francis DeslauriersFix: relayd: unchecked return values
2019-09-19  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: session destruction does not complete...
2019-09-19  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: move relay_session locking outside of make_view...
2019-08-09  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: open live viewer files from the current stream...
2019-05-04  Yannick LamarreClean code base from redundant verification
2018-10-12  Jérémie Galarneaurelayd: rename stream prev_seq to prev_data_seq
2018-09-17  Jonathan RajotteFix: skip closed session on viewer listing
2018-09-17  Jonathan RajotteFix: use LTTNG_VIEWER_ATTACH_UNK to report a closed...
2018-05-17  Michael JeansonPort: fix format warnings on Cygwin
2018-05-01  Jérémie GalarneauCleanup: fix typo in relayd comment
2018-04-25  Jérémie GalarneauFix: unprivilieged sessiond agent port clashes with...
2018-04-09  Gregory LEOCADIEFix: use off_t type for lseek function return value...
2017-07-28  Jérémie GalarneauFix: NULL passed to memcpy in error path
2017-07-27  Jonathan RajotteFix live-comm: merge TCP socket write-write sequence...
2017-05-19  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: thread exit vs futex wait/wakeup race
2017-05-05  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: lttng-live: send HUP reply when per-PID streams...
2016-12-16  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd vs consumerd compatibility
2016-06-29  Michael JeansonFix: Set thread stack size to ulimit soft value
2016-05-18  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: unchecked return value in relayd live.c
2016-05-17  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: illegal memory access in send_viewer_streams
2016-05-17  Jérémie GalarneauSimplify rcu locking in viewer_list_sessions
2016-05-17  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: illegal memory access in viewer_list_sessions
2016-03-16  Julien DesfossezLive: command to detach a viewer session
2015-10-19  Michael JeansonPort: Remove _GNU_SOURCE, defined in config.h
2015-09-14  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: LPOLLHUP and LPOLLERR when there is still data...
2015-09-04  Jérémie GalarneauFix: Announce empty streams on live attach
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: file rotation and live read
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relay: viewer_get_next_index handle null vstream
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: make viewer streams consider metadata...
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: don't expose empty streams
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: don't check new metadata on get packet
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: don't check for new streams in get packet
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: ask new streams HUP
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: reply error if get packet vstream fails
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd reply error to client if cannot find viewer...
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd reply with error if cannot find metadata
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd live don't send incomplete stream list
2015-09-04  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: Relay daemon ownership and reference counting
2015-02-27  Jérémie GalarneauCleanup: Reduce scope of relayd connections in live...
2015-01-12  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: undefined operation on last_relay_viewer_session_id
2015-01-08  Jérémie GalarneauFix: Remove structurally dead code from relayd
2015-01-08  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: call lttng_poll_set_max_size before start threads
2015-01-08  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: compat poll: add missing empty revents checks
2015-01-07  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: relayd: centralize thread stopping function
2015-01-07  Mathieu DesnoyersRefactor relayd main/set_options/cleanup
2014-11-23  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: spaghetti function return path
2014-11-23  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: unbalanced RCU read-side lock/unlock
2014-11-15  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: define _LGPL_SOURCE in C files
2014-07-28  Simon MarchiChange wfq usages for wfcq
2014-07-14  Julien DesfossezFix: get the stream_id when generating live beacons
2014-04-30  Jesper DerehagBackported to glibc 2.8
2014-02-24  David GouletRevert "Fix: wrong condition on startup for low-activit...
2014-02-24  Julien DesfossezFix: wrong condition on startup for low-activity streams
2014-02-21  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: miscellaneous memory handling fixes
2014-02-14  Julien DesfossezFix: deadlock during rotation
2014-02-14  David GouletFix: simplify get next index in live
2014-02-12  David GouletFix: protect close_write_flag with the rotation lock
2014-02-11  David GouletFix: wrong data structure used in commit df41f83
2014-02-11  David GouletFix: remove dead code in relayd live code
2014-02-11  David GouletFix: wrong sizeof argument in live viewer create session
2014-02-11  David GouletFix: zero out the reply structure in viewer_connect
2014-02-10  David GouletFix: merge issue with thread quit pipe
2014-02-10  Julien DesfossezFix: check for new streams in all attached sessions
2014-02-10  Julien DesfossezFix: Move static functions up in the code
2014-02-10  Julien DesfossezFix: allow attach command to multiple sessions
2014-02-10  Julien DesfossezFix: handle session hang up in get_new_streams
2014-02-10  Julien DesfossezFix: force the client to create a viewer session before...
2014-02-10  Julien DesfossezFix: Namespace lttng-viewer-abi
2014-02-10  David GouletFix: relayd connection object refactor
2014-02-10  David GouletFix: big relayd cleanup and refactor
2014-02-07  David GouletFix: code refactoring of viewer streams in relayd
2014-02-07  Julien DesfossezFix: handle new streams in live mode in relayd
2014-02-07  Julien DesfossezFix: notify the viewer if new streams got added
2014-01-28  Mathieu Desnoyersrelayd: add testpoints
2014-01-28  Mathieu Desnoyersrelayd: use same pipe for live and main
2014-01-28  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup relayd live comment
2014-01-28  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: add LPOLLERR to events
2014-01-28  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: relayd: notify parent of readiness when all thread...
2014-01-14  Julien DesfossezFix: delete metadata stream before destroying it
2014-01-14  Julien DesfossezFix: wrong check before destroying the viewer metadata...
2014-01-14  Julien DesfossezFix: race with the viewer and readiness of streams
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