Test: add UST baddr statedump test
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1 UST base address statedump test
2 -------------------------------
4 This test verifies that the tracing of base address statedump works
5 properly. When an application traced with LTTng UST registers to the
6 session daemon, it should produce a statedump, delimited by `start`
7 and `end` events. Between those events, the base addresses of the
8 executable and all the shared objects it has loaded are dumped, along
9 with extra debug information such as build id or debug link if it
10 exists.
13 -----------
15 The test application simply sleeps for one second to ensure the
16 statedump has the time to complete fully, and defines a single
17 userspace tracepoint. The statedump events should be generated when
18 the application registers with the sessiond. The application is
19 compiled with debug information, which is then copied into a separate
20 `prog.debug` file, and a debug link section is added to the original
21 `prog` executable, now stripped of debug information. This ensures
22 that `lttng_ust_statedump:debug_link` event will be produced. The
23 events `start`, `soinfo`, `build_id`, and `end` from the same provider
24 are also expected in the trace and verified by the test.
27 ------------
29 To run this test, you will need:
31 - lttng-tools (with python bindings)
32 - babeltrace
33 - python 3.0 or later
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