Update version to 0.16
[ust.git] / usttrace
2011-11-16  Stefan Hajnocziusttrace: allow spaces in command-line arguments
2011-04-13  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.lttng.org/home/git/ust
2011-04-13  Jason WesselFix up all use of /dev/stderr for portability to busybo...
2011-02-23  Yannick BrosseauAlso use short signal name for the trap function
2011-02-22  Jason Wesselusttrace: use short signal names for busybox compatibility
2011-02-22  Jason Wesselusttrace: Use /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash for busybox...
2011-01-13  Mathieu Desnoyersusttrace fix variable name clash
2011-01-05  Nils CarlsonRename libustd to libustconsumer and ustd to ust-consumerd
2010-11-18  David GouletAdd output directory option to usttrace
2010-10-01  Mathieu DesnoyersFix insecure library loading (Debian Bug #598309, CVE...
2010-05-31  Alexis HallĂ©add environment variables to set subbuffer options
2010-03-17  Pierre-Marc Fournierrename libmallocwrap -> libustinstr-malloc
2010-03-17  Pierre-Marc Fournierrename libinterfork -> libustfork
2010-03-01  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: add nanoseconds to traceset directory name
2010-03-01  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: add option to print the location of the last...
2010-02-23  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: remove old comment
2010-02-15  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: add signal handler to prevent ustd from keepi...
2010-02-15  Pierre-Marc Fournierfix usttrace -l
2010-01-28  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: change ustd socket name to ustd-sock-PID
2009-10-28  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: add comments to describe start sequence of...
2009-10-28  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: reorganise error messages for ustd not found
2009-10-28  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: oops: $(USTDPID) -> $USTDPID
2009-10-28  Jan BlunckMake usttrace work when it isn't installed
2009-10-27  Pierre-Marc FournierMerge branch 'for-pierre-marc' of git://git.infradead...
2009-10-26  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: deal correctly with ustd creation and termination
2009-10-22  Jan BlunckFix waiting for ustd on shutdown
2009-10-13  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: use ustd in daemon mode, sparing a sleep...
2009-10-13  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: enhance
2009-10-13  Pierre-Marc Fournierustd: add daemon mode
2009-10-06  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: fix arg error handling
2009-10-05  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace: improve
2009-09-11  Pierre-Marc Fournierusttrace; add multiple command-line options
2009-09-10  Pierre-Marc Fournieradd usttrace licence
2009-09-09  Pierre-Marc Fournieradd usttrace script
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