Update version to 0.16
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2011-04-13  Mathieu DesnoyersMarkers: Namespace cleanup, with API change.
2011-04-13  Mathieu DesnoyersMarkers: API change: rename trace_mark() to ust_marker()
2010-07-01  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate READMEs
2010-04-19  Pierre-Marc Fournieradd a .gitignore for java
2009-10-27  Pierre-Marc Fournierfix build and out of tree build
2009-10-27  Pierre-Marc Fournierjava: fixes
2009-10-27  Pierre-Marc FournierMerge branch 'for-pierre-marc' of git://git.infradead...
2009-10-25  Jan BlunckMove kernelcompat.h to include/ust/ and share.h, usterr...
2009-10-09  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate build system to find automatically installed...
2009-09-25  Pierre-Marc FournierAdd ust java bindings
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