Update version to 0.16
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2011-06-12  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate info page for 0.14 API
2011-04-26  Mathieu DesnoyersMarkers: temporarily remove GDB support
2011-04-22  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate manual
2011-04-13  Mathieu DesnoyersMarkers: API change: rename trace_mark() to ust_marker()
2011-02-02  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dorsal.polymtl.ca...
2011-01-31  Nils CarlsonRename libustcmd to libustctl
2011-01-27  Nils CarlsonUpdate documentation for new ustctl cli
2011-01-14  Nils CarlsonChangeLog and version updates for release 0.11 v0.11
2011-01-14  Nils CarlsonChangeLog and version updates for ust 0.10 v0.10
2011-01-05  Nils CarlsonRename libustd to libustconsumer and ustd to ust-consumerd
2010-12-03  Nils CarlsonFix info automake and clean doc automake
2010-11-27  David GouletUpdate manpage for option -o of usttrace
2010-08-24  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate ustctl man page
2010-07-21  Alexis Halléustctl manpage: document force-switch
2010-07-21  Alexis Halléustctl manpage: document get/set-sock-path
2010-07-01  Pierre-Marc FournierFinal updates for release 0.5 v0.5
2010-07-01  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate doc for next release
2010-05-28  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate -W help in the usttrace man page
2010-05-27  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate manual
2010-05-27  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate manual
2010-05-26  Pierre-Marc Fournierdocumentation update
2010-05-21  Alexis Halléusttrace man page update
2010-05-13  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate tracepoints example with api updates
2010-03-25  Jon BernardAdd manpages for ustd, ustctl, and usttrace
2010-02-25  Pierre-Marc Fourniermanual enhancements
2010-02-15  Pierre-Marc Fourniermanual: add sections
2010-02-15  Pierre-Marc Fournierfix bug in manual; argument order for ustctl in example
2010-01-19  Pierre-Marc Fournieradd precisions for license
2010-01-18  Pierre-Marc FournierUpdate manual with license info
2010-01-18  Pierre-Marc FournierDocumentation fixes
2010-01-18  Pierre-Marc FournierChange manual to texinfo format and enhance it
2009-09-28  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate manual
2009-05-08  Pierre-Marc Fourniercontinue work on manual
2009-05-07  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate manual
2009-03-20  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate manual
2009-03-20  Pierre-Marc Fournieradd first version of manual
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