Update version to 0.16
[ust.git] / Makefile.am
2011-06-01  Yannick BrosseauAdd pkg-config file generation
2011-04-28  Jason Wesseladd mips support
2011-02-02  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dorsal.polymtl.ca...
2011-01-31  Nils CarlsonRename libustcmd to libustctl
2011-01-05  Nils CarlsonRename libustd to libustconsumer and ustd to ust-consumerd
2010-09-10  Nils CarlsonAdd trace_event library initialisation
2010-08-20  Alexis Halléproperly install libustd and libustcmd
2010-07-21  Alexis Hallécreate libustd from ustd
2010-04-27  Pierre-Marc Fournierfix bootstrapping
2010-04-13  Pierre-Marc Fourniercompile with -fno-strict-aliasing
2010-03-25  Jon BernardAdd manpages for ustd, ustctl, and usttrace
2010-03-17  Pierre-Marc Fournierrename libmallocwrap -> libustinstr-malloc
2010-03-17  Pierre-Marc Fournierrename libinterfork -> libustfork
2010-03-11  Pierre-Marc Fourniermake libustcomm into a static lib
2010-02-19  Pierre-Marc Fournieruse signal safe ust_safe_snprintf()
2010-01-07  Pedro AlvesRemove absolute path from libust.so
2009-12-14  Pierre-Marc FournierForce -fPIC build of libust-initializer.o
2009-12-14  Pierre-Marc FournierFix compilation of libust-initializer.o
2009-11-11  Pierre-Marc Fournierfix static initialization so out of tree make distcheck...
2009-11-11  Pierre-Marc Fournierstatic initializer: make cross-compilable
2009-11-11  Jan BlunckFix libust-initializer.o build
2009-11-11  Jan BlunckFix include path when compiling libust-initializer.c
2009-11-11  Jan BlunckAdd linker script and libust initializer object
2009-10-27  Pierre-Marc FournierMerge branch 'for-pierre-marc' of git://git.infradead...
2009-10-25  Jan BlunckMove kernelcompat.h to include/ust/ and share.h, usterr...
2009-10-25  Jan BlunckMove immediate.h, marker.h and tracepoint.h to include...
2009-10-25  Jan BlunckRemove localerr.h
2009-10-25  Jan BlunckAdd some missing headers and files for make dist
2009-10-05  Pierre-Marc Fournierrename ust -> ustctl
2009-09-10  Pierre-Marc Fournierupdate make system
2009-07-22  Pierre-Marc Fournieradd ilbinterfork
2009-06-15  Pierre-Marc Fournierreorganize test programs into tests/ directory
2009-06-12  Jan BlunckDistribute all necessary files for building
2009-03-30  Pierre-Marc Fournierport ust to build system
2009-03-30  Pierre-Marc Fourniercontinue working on build system
2009-03-30  Pierre-Marc Fourniermerge libmarkers, libtracing and libtracectl in a singl...
2009-03-30  Pierre-Marc Fourniercontinue build system
2009-03-30  Pierre-Marc Fourniercontinue work on build system
2009-03-30  Pierre-Marc Fournierstart working on autotools build system
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