2013-10-31 Yannick BrosseauChange licence to GPLv2 for files moved from the old... master
2013-10-31 Yannick BrosseauUpdate FSF address
2013-10-20 Yannick BrosseauBump release version to 1.5 v1.5
2013-10-19 Yannick BrosseauRemove reference to ltt in README
2013-10-19 Yannick BrosseauAlways show building that we build the command line...
2013-10-19 Yannick BrosseauRemove more warnings releated to BABEL_CLEANUP ifdef...
2013-10-19 Yannick BrosseauRemove more warnings in the GUI modules
2013-10-18 Yannick BrosseauRemove lots of warnings
2013-10-18 Yannick BrosseauRemove ltt/ directory and its last reference
2013-10-17 Yannick BrosseauRework about dialog by using gtk_show_about_dialog
2013-10-17 Yannick BrosseauAdd missing gtk include
2013-10-17 Yannick BrosseauRemove deprecated INCLUDES in
2013-10-17 Yannick BrosseauStart with a new fresh changelog with the 1.5 release.
2013-08-16 Yannick BrosseauUse stock gtk icon for zoom button in histogram view
2013-08-16 Yannick BrosseauAdd histogram and resourceview to lttv-gui script
2013-08-16 Yannick BrosseauRemove reference to thread brand
2013-08-02 Yannick BrosseauInitialize short_name at trace creation
2013-06-04 Yannick BrosseauDon't compile the sync directory v1.5-beta1
2013-05-30 Yannick BrosseauDon't solely rely on babeltrace pkg-config for detection
2013-05-30 Yannick BrosseauPut includes in the right section
2013-05-28 Yannick BrosseauBump dependency to babeltrace 1.1
2013-05-27 Yannick BrosseauAdd missing lttng_logo.svg to dist package
2013-05-26 Yannick BrosseauFix tar.gz build by removing legacy include to ltt...
2013-05-26 Yannick BrosseauCommented out non ported directories
2013-05-24 Yannick BrosseauNow with more sandwich
2013-05-24 Yannick BrosseauDisable open new window and new tabs are now created...
2013-05-24 Yannick BrosseauEnable support for opening multiple trace
2013-05-22 Yannick BrosseauFix typo in comment
2013-05-22 Yannick BrosseauRemove temp code
2013-05-17 Yannick BrosseauFix softirq handling in the resource view
2013-05-13 Yannick BrosseauReplace usage of FTS with custom directory traversal...
2013-05-10 Yannick BrosseauReenable resource view
2013-04-26 Yannick BrosseauTemporarly disable event request chunking babelproto
2013-04-15 Yannick BrosseauAdd timestamp to warning
2013-04-10 Yannick BrosseauAdd a failure if libbabeltrace-ctf is not detected
2013-04-09 Yannick BrosseauTest that we really have libbabeltrace-ctf
2013-04-09 Yannick BrosseauFix first restoration point and set the right state...
2013-04-09 Yannick BrosseauHandle irq and softirq correctly in the CFV
2013-03-27 Yannick BrosseauReactivate after_process_exit_hook
2013-03-27 Yannick BrosseauRemove one BABELCLEANUP to update display at statedump end
2013-03-11 Yannick BrosseauRefactor code structure by adding several functions
2013-03-11 Yannick BrosseauUse the in development bt_iter_equals_pos
2013-03-11 Yannick BrosseauFix end of the trace handling and end position
2013-03-11 Yannick BrosseauChange in babeltrace namespacing
2013-03-11 Yannick BrosseauAdd a debug option to runlttv
2013-03-11 Yannick BrosseauUse babeltrace pkg-config
2012-12-21 Yannick BrosseauRemove #BABEL_CLEANUP for some function definition
2012-12-21 Yannick BrosseauRefactor parts of detailed event viewer to ease compreh...
2012-12-21 Yannick BrosseauUse bt_iter_equals_pos in compare function
2012-12-21 Yannick BrosseauFix seek n backward that did not check the end of a...
2012-11-05 Yannick BrosseauAdd Debug output on errors
2012-11-05 Yannick BrosseauFix warnings and use right decl instead of definition...
2012-09-18 Yannick BrosseauDon't compare birth time between process structs.
2012-09-18 Yannick BrosseauAdd before and after hook to the control flow computing
2012-09-18 Yannick BrosseauFix position of a #endif which rendered the seek useless
2012-09-18 Yannick BrosseauAdd debug function and some assert to lttv_hook_remove_list
2012-09-18 Yannick BrosseauUpdate runlttv help message to include callgrind
2012-08-20 Yannick BrosseauUse BT_SEEK_LAST
2012-08-15 Yannick BrosseauCreate a new hooks for the controlflow
2012-08-14 Yannick BrosseauFix warnings and timespan_end
2012-08-14 Yannick BrosseauDisable non ported modules in start script
2012-08-14 Yannick BrosseauBe more specific in the no SEEK_LAST fallback
2012-08-13 Francis DeslauriersFix compatibility with d40ee8ec4ac9998f Babeltrace...
2012-08-13 Francis DeslauriersMake use of the ltt_time_zero
2012-08-13 Yannick BrosseauDisable use of SEEK_LAST until it is integrated in...
2012-08-13 Francis DeslauriersRework of lttv_traceset_get_time_span_real function...
2012-08-13 Yannick BrosseauFix priority for controlflow events
2012-08-09 Francis DeslauriersAdd member timestamp and cpuid to LttvTracesetPosition...
2012-08-09 Francis DeslauriersInitial commit for control flow view
2012-08-03 Yannick BrosseauFix signedness in some field extraction
2012-08-03 Yannick BrosseauReactivate state checkpoints
2012-07-16 Yannick BrosseauFix softirq entry event name check
2012-07-13 Yannick BrosseauStore process name from sched_switch
2012-07-12 Yannick BrosseauProcess state in gui
2012-07-12 Yannick BrosseauDisplay raw timestamp in textdump
2012-07-11 Yannick BrosseauPort histogram window to 2.x
2012-07-11 Yannick BrosseauPort lttvwindow_process_pending_requests
2012-07-06 Francis DeslauriersAdd Callgrind as an Helper to run lttv
2012-07-06 Francis DeslauriersChange function name lttv_traceset_create_position...
2012-07-06 Francis DeslauriersRemove duplicate field in detailed event view
2012-07-06 Francis DeslauriersRemoved the live trace option
2012-07-06 Francis DeslauriersAdd warning popup when trying to open multiple traces
2012-07-06 Francis DeslauriersInitial port of the detailed event view
2012-06-13 Yannick BrosseauAdd check for endtime in process middle
2012-06-11 Francis DeslauriersImplements scrollbar in main window
2012-06-11 Francis Deslauriersimplements add trace dialog
2012-06-11 Francis Deslauriersinitial port of the mainwindow
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauImplement LttvTracesetPosition
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauPut back the initial process creation time at the begin...
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauManage state correctly with multiple open trace
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauReactivate traceset seek_by_time
2012-06-11 mdenisTraverse a path recursively to add all traces within
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauInitial port of the state system to the LTTng 2.0 trace...
2012-06-11 Mathieu DesnoyersDisable ltttraceread library build
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauAdd a temporary single LttvState container
2012-06-11 mdenisAdd functions to open trace from the traceset
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauCreate a LttvEvent object
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauForce the disabling of the gui building
2012-06-11 Hassan MakkehPrinting events using babeltrace
2012-06-11 Yannick BrosseauBasic babeltrace integration