descriptionLTTng 2.0/0.x modules
ownerMathieu Desnoyers
last changeWed, 26 Feb 2020 15:53:37 +0000 (10:53 -0500)
2 days ago  Francis DeslauriersChange integer base to hex for fields representing... master
3 days ago  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: rcu: Fix data-race due to atomic_t copy-by-value...
4 days ago  Michael Jeansonfix: y2038: hide timeval/timespec/itimerval/itimerspec...
4 days ago  Michael Jeansonfix: use timespec64 on kernels that have it
4 days ago  Michael Jeansonfix: move lttng_close_on_exec to proper wrapper
4 days ago  Michael Jeansonfix: 'struct timex' removed upstream (v5.6)
8 days ago  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: statedump: consistently check task_cred_xxx()...
8 days ago  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: statedump: check task_active_pid_ns return value...
10 days ago  Francis DeslauriersFix: lttng-events.c: variable may be used uninitialized
10 days ago  Francis DeslauriersCleanup: remove trailing white spaces across project
2020-02-14  Geneviève Bastiensched: Make the sched_switch task state an enum
2020-02-14  Geneviève Bastienblock: Make the rwbs field as a bit field enum
2020-02-13  Michael Jeansonfix: workqueue: add worker function to workqueue_execut...
2020-02-13  Michael Jeansonfix: media: v4l2: abstract timeval handling in v4l2_buf...
2020-02-13  Michael Jeansonfix: rcu: Remove kfree_rcu() special casing and lazy...
2020-02-13  Michael Jeansonfix: rcu: Fix data-race due to atomic_t copy-by-value...
3 days ago v2.10.14 Version 2.10.14
3 days ago v2.11.2 Version 2.11.2
3 days ago v2.12.0-rc2 Version 2.12.0-rc2
3 weeks ago v2.12.0-rc1 Version 2.12.0-rc1
4 weeks ago v2.10.13 Version 2.10.13
4 weeks ago v2.11.1 Version 2.11.1
7 weeks ago v2.12.0-pre Version 2.12.0-pre
4 months ago v2.11.0 Version 2.11.0
4 months ago v2.10.12 Version 2.10.12
4 months ago v2.9.15 Version 2.9.15
4 months ago v2.11.0-rc7 Version v2.11.0-rc7
5 months ago v2.11.0-rc6 Version 2.11.0-rc6
5 months ago v2.10.11 Version 2.10.11
5 months ago v2.9.14 Version 2.9.14
8 months ago v2.11.0-rc5 Version 2.11.0-rc5
8 months ago v2.10.10 Version 2.10.10
2 days ago master
3 days ago stable-2.10
3 days ago stable-2.11
3 days ago stable-2.12
4 months ago stable-2.9
2 years ago stable-2.8
3 years ago stable-2.7
3 years ago stable-2.6
4 years ago stable-2.5
5 years ago stable-2.4
5 years ago stable-2.3
6 years ago stable-2.2
6 years ago stable-2.1
6 years ago stable-2.0
8 years ago v0.19-stable
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