4 days ago  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: adapt to kernel relative references master
4 days ago  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: sync event enablers before choosing header type
5 days ago  Francis DeslauriersFix: implicit declarations caused by buffer size checks.
6 days ago  Francis DeslauriersPrevent allocation of buffers if exceeding available...
10 days ago  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: btrfs instrumentation namespacing
12 days ago  Michael JeansonFix: Convert rcu tracepointis to gp_seq (v4.19)
2018-10-01  Michael JeansonFix: tracing: Centralize preemptirq tracepoints (4.19)
2018-10-01  Michael JeansonFix: net: expose sk wmem in sock_exceed_buf_limit trace...
2018-09-26  Jonathan RajotteFix: access migrate_disable field directly
2018-09-07  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: out of memory error handling
2018-08-30  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: uprobes: missing break in lttng_event_ioctl()
2018-08-30  Francis DeslauriersFix: ACCESS_ONCE was removed in 4.15, use READ_ONCE...
2018-08-30  Francis DeslauriersFix: instruction pointer has different names across...
2018-08-30  Francis DeslauriersFix: build failures when CONFIG_UPROBES is absent
2018-08-27  Francis Deslauriersuprobe: Support multiple call sites for the same uprobe...
2018-08-27  Francis Deslauriersuprobe: Receive file descriptor from session instead...
2018-08-27  Francis Deslauriersuprobe: Mark uprobe event as registered
2018-08-27  Yannick BrosseauAdd uprobes support
2018-08-09  Michael JeansonFix: adjust SLE version ranges to build with SP2 and SP3
2018-08-09  Michael JeansonFix: Allow alphanumeric characters in SLE version
2018-08-03  Michael JeansonFix: Adjust range for SuSE 4.4.103-92 kernels
2018-07-05  Michael JeansonCleanup: move to kernel style SPDX license identifiers
2018-07-05  Michael JeansonCleanup: move scripts to subdirectory
2018-07-05  Michael JeansonCleanup: modinfo keys
2018-07-05  Michael JeansonAdd extra version information framework
2018-06-27  Mathieu DesnoyersRevert "Add btrfs file item tracepoints"
2018-06-18  Michael JeansonFix: btrfs: Remove unnecessary fs_info parameter
2018-06-18  Michael JeansonFix: btrfs: use fs_info for btrfs_handle_em_exist trace...
2018-06-18  Michael JeansonFix: asoc: Remove snd_soc_cache_sync() implementation
2018-06-18  Michael JeansonFix: asoc: fix printing jack name
2018-06-18  Michael JeansonFix: asoc: Consolidate path trace events
2018-06-18  Michael JeansonFix: ASoC level IO tracing removed upstream
2018-06-11  Francis DeslauriersEnable userspace callstack contexts only on x86
2018-06-11  Francis DeslauriersPrevent re-entrancy in callstack-user context
2018-06-11  Mathieu DesnoyersCallstack context: bump number of entries to 128
2018-06-11  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: callstack context alignment calculation
2018-06-11  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup callstack context
2018-06-11  Mathieu DesnoyersFix callstack context: write empty sequence if no stack...
2018-06-11  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: callstack context: false-sharing, bad memory size...
2018-06-11  Mathieu Desnoyerscallstack context: use delimiter when stack is incomplete
2018-06-11  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup callstack context
2018-06-11  Francis GiraldeauAdd kernel and user callstack contexts
2018-06-11  Francis DeslauriersAssign CPU id before saving the context size
2018-06-11  Francis GiraldeauDefine max nesting count constant
2018-06-11  Francis DeslauriersCompute variable sized context length
2018-06-11  Francis GiraldeauPass arguments for context size computation
2018-06-07  Michael JeansonAdd 9p probe
2018-06-07  Michael JeansonUpdate delayed ref tracepoints for v3.12
2018-06-07  Michael JeansonAdd btrfs file item tracepoints
2018-06-07  Michael JeansonAdd btrfs tracepoint for em's EEXIST case
2018-06-07  Michael JeansonFix: dyntick field added to trace_rcu_dyntick in v4.16
2018-06-07  Michael JeansonFix: BUILD_BUG_ON with compile time constant on < v2...
2018-06-07  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: lttng filter validator ERANGE error handling
2018-06-06  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: filter interpreter: use LTTNG_SIZE_MAX
2018-06-06  Mathieu DesnoyersFilter: add FILTER_OP_RETURN_S64 instruction
2018-06-06  Mathieu DesnoyersPerform bitwise ops on unsigned types
2018-06-06  Mathieu DesnoyersFilter: catch shift undefined behavior
2018-06-06  Mathieu DesnoyersFilter: add lshift, rshift, bit not ops
2018-06-06  Mathieu DesnoyersFilter: index array, sequences, implement bitwise binar...
2018-05-15  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: pid tracker should track "pgid" for noargs probes
2018-05-08  Mathieu Desnoyerslttng-tp-mempool: perform node-local allocation
2018-05-01  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: update RCU instrumentation for 4.17
2018-05-01  Michael JeansonFix: sunrpc instrumentation for 4.17
2018-05-01  Michael JeansonFix: use struct reclaim_stat in mm_vmscan_lru_shrink_in...
2018-05-01  Michael JeansonFix: Add gfp_flags arg to mm_vmscan_kswapd_wake for...
2018-03-25  Khalid ElmouslyUpdate: kvm instrumentation for ubuntu 4.13.0-38
2018-03-23  Michael JeansonFix: update kvm instrumentation for Ubuntu 3.13.0-144
2018-03-22  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: btrfs instrumentation namespacing
2018-03-13  Michael JeansonCleanup: comment about CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU ifdef
2018-03-13  Lars PerssonFix: do not use CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU for the new hotplug API
2018-03-08  Michael JeansonFix: update kvm instrumentation for 4.1.50+
2018-02-23  Julien DesfossezUse the memory pool instead of kmalloc
2018-02-23  Julien DesfossezCreate a memory pool for temporary tracepoint probes...
2018-02-21  Michael JeansonFix: use proper pid_ns in the process statedump
2018-02-20  Michael JeansonFix: add variable quoting to shell scripts
2018-02-20  Michael JeansonUpdate: kvm instrumentation for fedora 4.14.13-300
2018-02-20  Loïc GelleFix: Add Fedora version macros
2018-02-20  Michael JeansonAdd preemptirq instrumentation
2018-02-20  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up: fix stale #endif comments
2018-02-20  Julien DesfossezCommand to dump the metadata cache again
2018-02-20  Stéphane GraberAdd a new /dev/lttng-logger interface
2018-02-13  Michael JeansonFix: update btrfs instrumentation for SuSE 4.4.114-92
2018-02-13  Michael JeansonFix: update block instrumentation for SuSE 4.4.114-92
2018-02-12  Michael JeansonFix: update rcu instrumentation for v4.16
2018-02-12  Michael JeansonFix: update vmscan instrumentation for v4.16
2018-02-12  Rasmus VillemoesFix: update timer instrumentation on 4.16 and 4.14-rt
2018-01-30  Michael JeansonUpdate kvm instrumentation for debian kernel 4.14.0-3
2018-01-25  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: network instrumentation protocol enum
2018-01-24  Michael JeansonFix: update btrfs instrumentation for SuSE 4.4.103-6
2018-01-24  Michael JeansonFix: update block instrumentation for SuSE 4.4.73-5
2018-01-23  Michael JeansonFix: global_dirty_limit for kernel v4.2 and up
2018-01-23  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: network instrumentation handling of corrupted...
2018-01-17  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: add missing uaccess.h include from kstrtox.h wrapper
2018-01-17  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate: kvm instrumentation for 4.14.14+, 4.9.77+,...
2018-01-09  Michael JeansonFix: btrfs_delayed_ref_head was unwired since v3.12
2018-01-09  Michael JeansonUpdate kvm instrumentation for debian kernel 4.9.65-3
2018-01-09  Michael JeansonFix: debian kernel version parsing
2018-01-09  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: block instrumentation 4.14+ NULL pointer dereference
2018-01-02  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate: kvm instrumentation for 3.16.52 and 3.2.97
2017-12-27  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: kvm instrumentation for 4.15
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